Write a Short Story this November. 

A short story is 1000-7,500 words—a worthy and accessible goal.

We'll take you step-by-step through the writing process.

Read classic short stories in a variety of genres - be inspired.

Join live webinars or catch the replays. (Ask questions!)

How many words will you write for SuShoStoMo?

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Here's the schedule:

October = Preptober (preparing to write your short story)

  1. Be Inspired - A Short Story Reading Challenge
  2. Brainstorm Your Way From Blah to Brilliant
  3. Plan Using the Short Story Blueprint

November = SuShoStoMo (writing your short story)

  1. The Messy First Draft - an overview
  2. Writing Act 1 
  3. Writing Act 2
  4. Writing Act 3

December = Take a break and let your story rest. 

January = Fresh Eyes for revising, editing, and polishing your short story

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