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Summit Writing Academy is pleased to be an approved vendor for over 15 Charters and Homeschool Boards

Summit Students Write More!

Summit Collections are designed to help students finalize one piece of writing per week.

After three months, Summit Students are writing more words per week on average than when they started.

Summit Students write collaboratively through our forum.

Summit Writing is designed to meet your needs.

Open & Go

Learning from Day One. Summit Writing Academy playlists are designed to be self-directed and learner-centric.


Students receive feedback on their writing as they progress through the Summit System.

Work Samples

At the click of a button, all your student's work can be downloaded and shared. No more scrambling!

Join our community of confident writers.

Our Mission

Equip students with the skills to be confident writers and develop a life-long writing habit.

Our Teaching Philosophy:

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