Inventor: Joseph-Armand Bombardier

Sarah, 13 (Actual Summit Writing Academy Student)

Joseph-Armand Bombardier

Joseph-Armand Bombardier was born privily in 1907, Valcourt, Quebec. When the boy was 14 years old, he fixed an irreparable Model-T engine and created a motorized sled with a propeller. Unfortunately, his father did not espouse Joseph-Armond's decision to become a mechanic. In two seconds flat Joseph-Armond was sent off to become a Catholic priest. But Joseph was determined to become a mechanic.

Joseph studied until he was 17 and then finally traversed back home where he waited two years until his dad finally gave in and built a garage for his son. Joseph-Armond busied himself with repairing local people's machinery. In 1935, Joseph-Armond created a special wheel-and-track system, which he used to construct the first snowmobile: the B7. Joseph scrutinized the task ahead of him and soon dished out another version of the B7: The B12.

´╗┐To this day, Joseph-Armond Bombardier's company remains among one of the most prominent brands in the world.