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How it works

Parent Creates a PO Request on Summit Writing Platform
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Parent sends Approved PO from Charter to Summit


Summit Obtains PO Approval from Charter on Parent's Behalf
Every Month

Student's Course Access Begins

Month Ends (30-31 days from Start Date) - Charter Invoiced by Summit.

1 For most Charter Schools/Homeschool Boards, the Purchase Order requests must be submitted for approval for the total amount. (Monthly price x Number of Months)

2 For some Charters and Homeschool Boards, the parents can request Purchase Order approval first, and then sign up for Summit Writing Academy (if this applies to you, please email your Approved Purchase Order Request to For others, the vendor must first make the request and receive approval from the Charter.

3 Once approved, Summit Writing Academy will automatically invoice your charter/homeschool board at the end of each month for the preceding month. Typically Charter Schools and Homeschool Boards have a policy to remit payment only after services have been received.

As a service to our students, Summit Writing Academy seamlessly takes care of all of these details for you, so you can focus on watching your student's writing improve!

If you have any questions, please email us at! We are here to help!

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