Writing Has Consequences

January 16, 2019

From college entrance essays to pre-written presidential speeches the written word has the power to change lives. 

Love letters, angry letters, words well chosen, careless words thrown on a page - they all have consequences. Lives change. 

Getting words down on a page is easy. Getting the right words down is hard.  

For that reason, encouraging your student to get words on a page each day is important. 

Making space in your student's schedule for unhurried thoughts leads to better writing.

And good writing changes the trajectory of a life. 

Think of what a difference one degree of change makes. 

Build in the time to think and write words that matter.

Letters to friends, family correspondence, job applications, essays, blogs and journal entries. 

And the words of every day; grocery lists, emails, texts, social media posts. 

The regular writing of anything and everything opens doors to opportunities. 

How are you helping your student create time for the habit of writing?